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* MRHS welcomes James M. Ramig, M.D.  Dr. Ramig has joined our staff at our Oakview Medical Building location.   

ezVisits are here!
MRHS and The Wellness Place are pleased to announce the launch of ezVisits!
ezVisits are a new and convenient way of being evaluated for an illness without coming into the doctor's office! ezVisits are available to existing patients for the following simple health problems:

  • Sore Throat, Rash, Cough/Congestion, Pink Eye, Urinary Tract Infection, Diarrhea, Ear Ache

During an ezVisit, a patient logs into our patient portal and answers a series of questions that are specific to the health problem. Your physician will review and respond within 24 hours. A $35.00 electronic payment is required at the time of the visit. We hope our patients find both value and convenience in this new feature!

* Check out our Patient Portal!
Getting quality and convenient healthcare just became easier! As a patient at Midwest Regional Health Services, you have the unique opportunity of receiving high-quality medical care online through a confidential, secure Internet-based Patient portal. Click on the link below and you will have access to our new patient portal. 


Our Patient Portal is integrated with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and provides you with enhanced features which include: 

o   Live access to your physician’s open appointments.  You can schedule your own appointments without making an electronic or telephone request from our office staff.

o   Ability to view elements of your Electronic Medical Record including your office visit notes. 
o   Submit a refill request.  The request is immediately available for processing by our clinical staff within the Electronic Medical Record.
o   Offer of a preferred method of contact, such as e-mail.  Physicians can communicate information to you electronically via the Portal, including lab results and instruction clarification. 
o   Appointment reminders via e-mail.
o   Ability to upload documents to your provider including Home Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure logs.
o   E-Statements (electronic billing statements). 
o   On-line Bill Payment convenience.