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Influenza is increasing its prevalence in Omaha.  The current strain is called “H3N2” and the CDC is predicting the vaccine effectiveness is at about 32%.   This particular strain is associated with a more severe illness than usual.   If you have already had the vaccine, present data suggests you will either be immune to catching the disease, or the severity will be much less.  If you have not received the vaccine yet, PLEASE DO SO NOW.

IF you get fever, cough and severe muscle aches and fatigue, please let us know immediately.  IF you are older than 65, or have a chronic disease such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver disease, or neurological disorders, you should be treated with and antiviral such as Tamilfu.  Treatment is best if started immediately.

We also recommend washing your hands very frequently, bumping fists instead of shaking hands, avoiding people who have the flu, etc.  This cold weather drives everyone inside, which is a great opportunity for viruses to spread.  Please stay healthy!!!!

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Omaha ‘medical home’ clinic

We are happy to announce the implementation of Telemedicine/Virtual office.  We will be using the smart phone application Hale Health to connect with our patients for virtual office visits.   Medicare and Medicaid insurance does not currently cover Telemedicine visits..  All other visits will be billed to insurance.  Look for your email invitation sent out at the end of June.  If you did not receive one and would like to be signed up, contact the office and we will resend.